Lofty Mount Lu

Shen Chou (A.D. 1427 1509), Ming dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644)
Ink and light color an paper. Hanging scroll. 193.8 x 98.1 cm

Shen Chou was a native of Ch'ang-chou, Kiangsu. His style name was Ch'i-nan; his sobriquets were Shih-t'ien and Pai-shih-weng. Shen Chou is considered one of the Four Great Masters of the Ming dynasty.
Lofty Mount Lu was completed in A.D. 1467. This painting was a present for his teacher, Ch'en Kuan's seventieth birthday. The mountains and rocks were first painted in light ink and then using heavier ink, the artist built up layer upon layer of ink strokes finally giving an extremely rich texture to the surface. His brush method as well as the dense type of composition are reminiscent of the Yiian artist, Wang Meng.

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