Old Fishermen

Wu Chen (A.D. 1280 1354), Yuan dynasty (A.D. 1279~1368)
Ink on silk. Hanging scroll. 176.1 x 95.6 cm.

Wu Chen was a native of Chia-hsing, Chekiang. His landscapes were rendered in the style of the monk Chu-jan, but within these limits he was able to attain a measure of individuality. He also excelled in painting bamboo and figures. Later he was considered as one of the Four Masters of the Yuan dynasty. This painting depicts a clear evening with the sound of a boat on an autumn river. In the fore-ground there are only two trees. Beneath the trees a path and pavilion are sketchily indicated. A small hill rises on the opposite bank with a stream twisting and turning.
Aside from the horizontal cutting brushstrokes on the foreground rocks, the painting is entirely executed with a round brush. The color of the ink is extremely moist, without a trace of harsh dryness.
The painting was completed in A.D. 1342 when Wu Chen was 63.

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