Dwelling in the Fu-ch'un Mountains (two sections)

Huang Kung-wang (A.D. 1268-1354), Yuan dynasty (A.D. 1279 1368)
Ink on paper. Handscroll. 33.0 x 639.9 cm

Huang Kung-wang was a native of Fu-yang, Chekiang and one of the four great landscape artists of the Yuan period. This picture is part of a long handscroll describing the beauty and many delights of the Fu-ch'un Mountains in scenic Chekiang.
In his inscription, the artist tells us that after having laid out the entire design in one burst of creation, unconscious of fatigue, he worked on the picture on and oft' whenever the mood was right during the three years from A.D. 1347 1350, when the major portions of the work were completed. He painted it for a Taoist friend named Wu-yung.

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