Autumn Colors on the Ch'iao and Hua Mountains

Chao Meng-fu (A.D. 1254 1322), Yuan dynasty (A.D. 1279-i368)
Ink and color on paper. Handscroll. 28.4 x 93.2 cm

Chao Meng-fu, a member of the Sung Imperial family, resided in Wu-hsing, Chekiang. His style name was Tzu-ang; his sobriquet was Sung-hsueh tao-jen. During the Yuan dynasty, he served as scholar in the Hanlin Academy, and was enfeoffed as Duke of the State of Wei. His poetry and belles4ettres were excellent. His calligraphy and painting have served as models for later generations.
This handscroll was painted for Chou Mi (A.D. 1231 - 1308), a member of one of the great families of the previous generation and an official under the former Sung dynasty. The handscroll, one of the finest examples of Chao's work now extant, reflects his return to antique styles.

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