The Han Palace

Chao Po-chu (A.D. 1120-1182), Sung dynasty (A.D. 960-1279)
Ink and color on silk. Fan-shape mounted on hanging scroll. Diameter: 24.5 cm

Chao po-chu, a seventh-generation descendant of Emperor T'ai-tsu, was the son of the well-known artist Chao Ling-jang. He excelled in painting landscapes, figures and architecture.
The painting depicts a palace scene. Screens have been set up in the courtyard. Outside the screens are ox-carts and horse-drawn carriages. Within the screens are two columns of court maidens, each holding a musical instrument and escorting a lady. Behind them are five attendants carrying fans. A sacrificial sheep proceeds them. The application of color is particularly handsome; the use of the brush is fine and forceful.

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