Draft manuscript of a memorial to his nephew

Yen Chen-ch'ing (A.D. 709-785), T'ang dynasty (A.D. 61 8-907)
Ink on paper. Semi-cursive script. Handscroll. 28.2 x 75.5 cm

Yen Chen-ch'ing, whose style name was Ch'ing-ch'en, was a native of Lin-i in Shantung. He de-veloped a reputation for broad learning, an elegant and polished writing style, and filial piety. He received his chin-shih degree during the K'ai-yuan era (A.D. 713-743) and was later enfeoffed Duke of Lu. A master in both standard and cursive styles, his brush strokes were strong and vigorous. He exercised enormous influence on later calligraphers.

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