Cloisonne writing materials

Ch'ing dynasty, Ch'ien-lung period (A.D. 1736--1795)
Heights for brush rest: 15.5 cm, paper weight: 10.8 cm, water container: 11.1 cm, ink stone case: 15.8 cm

This set of cloisonne writing materials originally belonged to the Ch'ing dynasty Ch'ien-lung emperor The brush rest is in the 'five mountain' style, and the paperweight is in the shape of a bronze imperial seal with a nine dragon knob. A dragon headed ladle accompanies the water container. The two ink stones rest in a shallow, recessed compartment which can be removed so that hot water can be added to keep the ink warm from underneath.
Thick and heavy, these writing materials are carved on their metal areas with passionflower patterns, and the bases are cast with the seal, "Manufactured during the Ch'ien-lung reign of the great Ch'ing dynasty." The cloisonne areas are elaborated with uniform lines and take dragons five claw as their main motif. With brilliant designs enhanced by bright, lustrous colors, this set of writing materials certainly exhibits the power and grandeur of an emperor.

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