White conch shell trumpet with whorls turning to the right

Ch'ing dynasty, Ch'ien-lung period (A.D. 1736-1795)
Length: 18.6 cm Width with flange: 9.5 cm Width of shell: 5.1 cm

Rare conch with whorls turning to the right. The top of the shell has been fitted with a gilt mouth-piece. A metal flange is attached to the side and extends down along the tubular fitting at the bottom of the shell. At the very bottom is a small free ring. The flange is worked in a floral decor and inlaid with precious stones. The back of it is inscribed with Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian and Tibetan writing, and the reign mark of the Ch'ien-lung emperor. In the 52nd year of the Ch'ien4ung reign (A.D. 1788) the emperor dispatched Fu K'ang-an to Taiwan to suppress a rebellion led by Lin Shuang-wen. Fu K'ang-an took the conch with him and it brought him calm weather. Therefore, the shell has been given the name Ting-feng-chu, or "Wind-stabilizing pearl."

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