Gilt image of Tsongkha-pa Buddha, dated AD. 1781

Ch'ing dynasty, Ch'ien4ung period(A.D. 1736-1795)
Height: 52.2 cm Width of base: 36.0 cm Thickness of Base: 22.5 cm

A golden image of the Buddha inlaid with jewels. The figure is dignified in appearance, seated in lotus position, a pearl set in the middle of his forehead. His hands make the gesture of preaching, known in Sanskrit as the dharmacakra-mudra. Behind the figure is a tree whose branches spread out to form a large mandala on which many small gods appear. The throne of the Buddha and the mandala are inlaid with gems of various colors. An inscription on the back indicates that this image was made in A.D. 1781 as a replica of a gold Buddha-image from Tibet.

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