Court necklace made from fruit stones, openwork carved with Buddhist Iohan motifs.

Ch'ing dynasty (A.D. 1644--1911)
Bead diameter: 1.1 cm

Of standard design, this court necklace is made up of one hundred eight beads, with four to five Buddhist 1ohans carved into each bead. Between every twenty-seven of these beads, there is one coral fo-t'ou bead carved in openwork with cloud and dragon decor. At the very top of the necklace, there are coral fo-t'ou and fo-t'ou-t'a beads also carved with cloud and dragon decor in openwork. There are three chi-nien strands, each with ten coral beads openwork carved in cloud decor. Each of the chi-nien strands ends in a jadeite pei-yun pendant, and the back strap ends in a small tourmaline chuei-chiao pendant.

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