Cloisonne enamel double dragon plate

Ming dynasty, Wan-li period (A.D. 1573--1620)
Height: 6.6 cm, Diameter of base: 30.7 cm

The rim of this plate takes the shape of a chrysanthemum, and each petal is decorated with a floral pattern. The interior walls depict eight Buddhist emblems and the Taoist implements of the Eight Immortals. The center of the plate shows two descending dragons and four swastikas. The Chinese pronunciation of swastika is homophonous with the word for ten thousand, which together with the shou character in the center of the plate means longevity. Passionflower, meander decor, etc., adorn the undersides of the plate. In red on a green ground, the characters (Created during the Wan4i reign of the great Ming dynasty) are arranged in two rows on the base.

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