Carved polychrome lacquer box with character "spring" and longevity symbol

Ch'ing dynasty, Ch'ien-lung period (A.D. 1736-1796)
Height: 12.6 cm Diameter: 35.4 cm

This round covered polychrome box is coated with seven different shades of lacquer. Carved on the cover is the character "Spring" (ch'un). The top part of this character is decorated with an image of the God of Longevity and on each side there are dragon and cloud patterns, while beneath there are symbolic treasures. The outside walls of the vessel are decorated with landscapes and human figures contained in four medallions. In between the medallions there are emblems of the "Eight Treasures." On the center of the underside is a six-character Ch'ien4ung reign mark and a four-character inscription "Ch'un-shou pao ho."

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