Underglaze-red porcelain dish with "seasonal flowers" motif

Yuan dynasty (A.D. 1279-1368)
Height: 10.9 cm Depth: 8.1 cm Mouth diameter: 55.1 cm Base diameter: 33.7 cm

Underglaze-red ware was produced through furnace transmutation of copper pigment. This delicate process required the precise control of many factors, kiln temperature among the most important of these. The proper color transformation would only take place within a very narrow range of temperatures, which proved extremely difficult to regulate early attempts often ended in failure. This piece is representative of underglaze-red produced in the Yuan experimental stage. A uniform copper red color was not achieved; however, in other aspects the piece is a display of fine workmanship. The vessel is decorated in floral motifs representing the four seasons peony, pomegranate, chrysanthemum and camellia. This is the largest piece in the Museum's collection of underglaze-red porcelain.

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