Shu-fu ware, moon white-glaze brush-washer with lotus decor

Yuan dynasty (A.D. 1279 1368)
Height: 4.5 cm Depth: 3.4 cm Mouth diameter: 12.0 cm Footrim: 3.8 cm

Shu-fu porcelain was produced for imperial use at Ching-te Chen during the Yuan dynasty. Unfortunately, few pieces of this type of ware have survived, and this is the only example in the Museum collection. The decor is simple, consisting of impressed Indian-lotus patterns on the inner walls and base of the dish. Partially concealed amid the flowers are the two characters "shu-fu" (Privy Council), which were inscribed on all porcelain of this type. The outer surface of the vessel is circumscribed by faint ripples, whose subtle beauty is enhanced by the slightly thick, milky glaze. The body is refined and of a pleasing weight and thickness. The vessel is clean and angular in form, the base seeming somewhat small and abrupt in comparison to the splayed body.

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