Pot stand, light sky-blue glaze with fiamb'e lilac

Chun ware, Sung dynasty (A.D. 960 -- 1279)
Height: 7.1 cm, Depth: 3.8 cm, Diameter of mouth: 19.9 cm, Diameter of foot: 14.5 cm

The body of this vessel is thick and heavy. The base is flat inside a ring foot, attached to which are three cloud-shaped feet. Just below the mouth on the exterior, there is a ring of nipple decor followed by a ring of bowstring decor. There is another ring of nipple decor just above the ring foot. The entire piece is covered in a purple and purplish-blue glaze, with the interior sky-blue. The original color of the clay is evident in the mouth rim and the nipple decor. On the base, there are seventeen spur-marks near the rim and incised ssu, meaning four.

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