Ivory white vase with incised lotus decor, dragon-shaped handles, and ring-bearing animal masks

Ting ware, Sung dynasty (960 -- 1279)
Height: 38.5 cm, Depth: 37.1 cm, Length of mouth: 8.5 cm, Width of mouth: 4.5 em, Diameter of foot: 12.5 cm, Circumference of belly: 67.3 cm

Manufactured in imitation of the ancient bronze fang hu vessel, this vase was first shaped on a potter's wheel, then the rectangular neck was putted into shaped. The base is fiat inside a circular ring foot. Both sides are adorned with dragon-shaped handles, and ring-bearing animal masks are attached to the front and back. As such, this is a shape very seldom seen. The most beautiful part of the vessel is the incised lotus blossoms and leaves decor, executed with an adroit and fluent blade. The veins in the leaves appear to have been carved with a comb-like instrument.

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