Address/6 K'ung-men Road, Yung-fu li, Changhua City

Construction Date/1726

The Changhua Confucius Temple was constructed by county magistrate Cheng K'ao in 1726; the original structure has - according to available documentation- undergone a total of eight renovations.

The scale of the temple complex is very grand, and surpassed the Tainan Confucius Temple in this respect.

However, since the buildings were designed to be used as the Changhua County School, custom forbade the construction of the various parts of the structure to follow the style of a four-sided courtyard-a style of architecture reserved for the higher-level prefectural school.

Therefore, as seen in the wooduct below, the east and west sections of the layout remained independent without connection to the main structure.

Many important features of the complex-the Li-men Gate, the Way of Righteousness, the Pool of Higher Learning, and the Palace Wall-were demolished during the Japanese occupation period. Today's Changhua Confucius Temple is only two-thirds the size of the original structure.

The last restoration was carried out in 1978.

Axonometric drawing of the temple. 1.Ling-hsing Gate. 2.Chi men (the door). 3.Hall of the sage. 4.Shrine of Worshipping the Sage. 5.East Gallery. 6.West Gallery.

Schematic drawing revealing the structure of the Hall of the Sage

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