Expo Radio

Episode 18: A Piña, part 1

In the highlands of the Ecuadorian Andes, north of Quito, a Piña is a place where people go to listen to folk music, dance, eat, drink beer, and have fun. It is especially popular with tourists who are interested in hearing Andean folk music performed in situ. In this Expo Radio, you will hear this music, recorded with a portable battery powered DAT on location by Deb Roy, along with the sounds of the high altitude party they call a Piña. Later in the program, a Swiss tourist explains the varieties of Andean music.

Episode 19: A Piña, part 2

Hear more Andean folk music recorded live by Deb Roy in the open air of northern Ecuador's mountains. Electric instruments are being adopted and incorporated into this traditional folk style, as it continues to thrive and evolve in the late twentieth century.

For help on audio formats, press here. Expo Radio is a production of Becknell and Lucas, the team that's helped to bring Deb Roy's globe trotting DAT recordings to your computer in such programs as The Tibetan Institute for the Performing Arts and Musicians of Calcutta.

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