Hundred Islands

Lose yourself among the Hundred Islands, scattered like emeralds in the deep blue waters off Pangasinan. Unexplored coves and islets await seekers of solitude. Each one in its own pristine beauty basks in the sun, lapped by the waters of Lingayen Gulf.

Situated in Alaminos, Pangasinan, Hundred Islands is a gem waiting to be discovered. Choose among it's many facets. Soak in the sunshine on the white sand beaches of Quezon Island. Frolic in the shallow waters of Children's Island. Hire a boat and go island-hopping. Explore the abundant marine life beneath the waters of Lingayen Gulf. Hike through caves and across island trails and discover interesting rock formations.

Only three of those myriad islands have been partially developed in the interest of ecological balance. Accomodations on these developed islands are rustic and basic, for those who wish to touch base with nature. Nipa huts and duplexes offer simple facilities, such as kerosene lighting, a drum of fresh water, and trundle beds.

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Source: Philippine Tourism Authority