Mariano Ponce

Researcher, historian, bibliographer, propagandist, diplomat, physician, folklorist, and an outstanding reformist. Born in Baliwag, Bulacan, on March 23, 1863. While in Spain, he joined the propaganda movement and became one of the initiators of La Solidaridad, later becoming its managing editor. Died in HongKong on May 23, 1918.

Gregoria de Jesus

One of the brave and patriotic women who played a heroic role in the Philippine revolution. Born in Kalookan City, on May 9, 1875. Wife of Andres Bonifacio and Lakambini of the Katipunan. She actually fought alongside her husband during the revolution, aside from being the custodian of the Katipunan documents. She organized the Katipunan's Women Chapter. She died on March 15, 1943.

Fernando Ma. Guerrero

Musician, journalist, politician, and lawyer. Considered the greatest lyric poet in Spanish. Born in Ermita, Manila, on May 30, 1873. When the revolution broke out, General Antonio Luna invited him to join the editorial staff of La Independencia, the organ of the revolution. Thus, he fought for the Filipino cause with his pen. Died in Manila June 12, 1929.

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