Transportation of Dutch Cattle to Brussels

This is a summary of an article written on the transportation of Dutch cattle to the World Exposition 1958 in Brussels (in Dutch). In 1958 this was quite a happening.

Eight black spotted cows from Friesland, two from Groningen and eight black spotted colleagues from Noordholland were loaded into two trucks. Together they went towards Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam the trafficpolice accompanied the trucks so they wouldn't be delayed. The trucks arrived on time at the stables of Charles Boonen near the border with Belgium. The cows were unloaded to get some rest, they got some water and hay and afterwards they were milked.

It didn't take long for the other animals to arrive. A total of 14 pigs, 6 more cows, 6 sheep and one goat together with 81 chicken attract a great deal of notice.

Custom formalities were quickly dealt with and the journey continued via Antwerpen towards Brussels in a column of five trucks. They arrived early in the evening and the animals were in no time at there places.

The pavilion just before the opening of the expo.

The animals were put in modern stables where the public could walk along on both sides. The sheep got the pasture in front of the Dutch pavilion. A lot of interested people enjoyed this lively scene which was a good sign for the stay of six months of the Dutch cattle at the Expo.

The World Exposition 1958