The cow pavilion

The cow pavilion is based on data from the Dutch cattle syndicate (NRS). This data, supplemented with other articles, interactive cow games and a real cow farm will make you a cow expert.

A good place to start and find your way through the cow pavilion is the Dutch cattle section, where you can learn everything you always wanted to know about cows.

The NRS developed its own information system (NIS), that contains data of all Dutch cows. Farmers use this data in managing there cows. Learn about NIS and milk-recording.

After learning about cows and there classification you can create your own cow. Feed, milk and take care of it to produce large amounts of milk. Every week the best of show will win a real Dutch cheese for his or hers cow actions.

You know NIS, than access the NIS data of the cows of farmer Blokland.

With the information of these cows you can visit the real farm. Have a look at the map and the different viewpoints on and from this farm. Walk through this farm and finally, take a live view.

But there is more...

Dutch agriculture has a rich tradition in cattlebreeding. Have a look at the previous world fair in 1958 that already presented Dutch cattle.

Who was farmer Commandeur, who presented his cows at that fair?

Look at typical Dutch cow scenes.

Play the cow games.