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Construction of BOS and BES

[construction of BOS and BES]

The BOS consists of six basic elements:

  1. The script (consisting of algorithmic decision-rules): the procedures for the New Waterway Storm Surge Barrier, the Hartel Barrier and the Hartel Sluices. This software contains all the procedures for opening and closing the barriers and the sluices and for the movements of the barrier during closure. The script determines when a function is used.
  2. The script interpreter. This reads the decision-rules from the script and activates the necessary functions in the metacomputer.
  3. The metacomputer. This is in fact a collection of all possible conceivable functions of the barrier. The script determines when a function is used.
  4. Sobek, a water-movement model, developed by the Research Institute for Waste-Water Purification (RIZA) in collaboration with the Hydrological Laboratory at De Voorst (North-East Polder). On the basis of a large number of data, Sobek calculates the anticipated water levels at Rotterdam, Spijkenisse and Dordrecht. Apart from current information Sobek also works with historical data (going back 12 days).
  5. The data communication network, which gathers data from all relevant measurement networks in the "outside world": measurement networks of the Department of Public Works and Water Management, the Hydro and Meteo Information Centre Rijnmond and the Storm Surge Warning Service. In alarm situations the data communication network also sends out data.
  6. Direct connections with the barrier control system (BES).