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Experience the Storm Surge Barrier in the Barrier House

The Storm Surge Barrier may be experienced in person at the new information centre in the Barrier House. The exhibition includes moving scale models, video presentations and animations.

With the aid of a multimedia show, the reasons behind the Storm Surge Barrier are explained in the "decision-making corridor". You can adjust the water-level meter to see what the water does up to a level of 6 metres above Amsterdam Ordnance Datum (NAP). A haptonomic model of the ball-joint enables you to close the barrier yourself.

Colour computer animations illustrate the operation of the barrier and the individual parts. An interactive computer game enables you to discover the factors that determine when the Storm Surge Barrier has to be closed.

Inhabitants of the Rhine Estuary region are able to find the street where they live on an enormous photographic map. An indication is provided of the area protected by the barrier. A 1:250 scale model in a large water basin simulates the operation of the barrier under storm surge conditions. In the oval cinema visitors can select a film of their choice.

Technical details and background information on all aspects and components, ranging from welding techniques, design and building contract, may be found on 13 information panels.

By means of short films on the interactive occupational display panel, you can learn more about the many professions involved in designing and building the Storm Surge Barrier. Additional information on the occupations is provided in folders. In the "Prof. Dr. Eng. hall", the basic principles of the barrier are explained on monitor by designers. Matters such as the water-motion model, design techniques and calculation methods are discussed, particularly for those with technical backgrounds.

There is a box of blocks with which children can build the Storm Surge Barrier themselves. Or they can compare their own height against the life- size replica truss (diameter of 1.80 metres).

The Barrier House restaurant provides a panoramic view over the Storm Surge Barrier and the New Waterway, where deep sea-vessels glide by day-in day- out.

The Barrier House is open seven days a week.
Admission is free.
Opening hours
Mondays-Fridays :10.00-16.00 hours
Sundays, Saturdays and Public Holidays :11.00-17.00 hours
On Saturdays and Sundays free tours are provided for private individuals. Groups can make an appointment for a tour during the week, including an extensive visit to the construction site (cost: NLG 75 for a group of up to 50).

The Barrier House
Nieuw Oranjekanaal 139
3151 XL Hook of Holland
Telephone: +31 174-511222
Fax: +31 174-540324

Public transport
On Saturdays and Sundays a bus leaves for the Barrier House from Hook of Holland Station every half-hour. The bus runs during the Barrier House opening hours. A return ticket costs NLG 5. Children accompanied by an adult are free.