Range of varieties and flavours

Frisian Clove Maasdam
A very firm textured cheese, spiced with cumin seeds and and cloves. Usually matured for 4 months and available in 8kg wheels. The characteristics of Maasdam are its large `holes' and mild nutty flavour resulting from the addition of propionic acid bacteria. It has a fat content of 45% in the dry matter and is available in 6 kg and 12 kg wheels. Often sold under the brand names Leerdammer, Westberg, Bergumer and Meerlander.
Cream Gouda Kernhem
Cream Gouda has a higher fat content than standard Gouda (60% in the dry matter) and is therefore softer and smoother. The production process is identical to that of Gouda; it weighs approximately 5 kg. A flat round red bacterial cheese. It is kept moist whilst maturing which gives the cheese its rind, a fat content of 60% in the dry matter and weighs 2 kg.
Fresh Soft cheese Light
Fresh full-fat soft cheese with its slightly sour taste spreads easily. It is primarily sold under the brand name `Mon Chou'. `Light' cheeses have a fat content of about 30% in the dry matter and are comparable to Gouda as far as shape, structure and flavour. Light cheese is available under the following brand names, Westlite, Tessa, Gouwenaar Light, Zaanlander light.
Diet (low fat and low sodium) cheese Quark or cottage cheese
For those on a diet, low-salt and low-fat cheese is available. Diet cheese is understood to mean cheese with considerably reduced common-salt (sodium). Non-matured and unsalted curd is known as quark or cottage cheese. In addition to natural, it is also available with fruit, fruit juice, fruit pure as well as a richer version with cream and fruit.
Goat and Ewes' cheese Processed cheeses
Until recently both fresh and semi-hard (Gouda type) Goat and Ewes' cheeses were made exclusively on the farm, but nowadays goat's cheese (Arina) is produced in the creamery. Ewes' cheese however is only made on a small number of farms. The most wellknown is Cheese Spread. However rindless and smoked processed cheeses are available in a variety of flavours, wrappings, weights and with varying fat contents.