Korean Folk Tales

The Disobedient Frog

A young frog lived with his widowed mother in a large pond. A rascal and a trouble maker, he never listened to his mother and caused her much grief and embarrassment.

Someday Mother Frog died, and Little Frog did ...

The Rabbit's Judgment

Long, long ago, when plants and animals talked, a tiger fell into a deep pit while roaming through the forest in search of food. He called for help but none came.

The next morning, Hungry and exhausted he slumped down on the ground, thinking that he was doomed to die in the pit. But then he heard footsteps.

Two Brother

In times gone by there lived two brothtrs whose loving ways were the talk of the valley where they lived.

One late autumn evening, after they had spent the afternoon sacking and dividing the last of the rice harvest, the older brother thought...

Why the Sea Is Salty

Hundreds of years ago there was a king who had a very unusual stone hand mill. It looked like any other stone hand mill but it had special powers. All one had to do was say what one wanted and turn it and out would come what had been requested. If gold was requested, gold would come out. If rice was requested, rice would come out. Whatever was requested, the small hand mill would produce it.

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