Lee young hee is the leader in designing Korean traditional hanbok. Each of the clothes she designs, bears the characteristics of the wearer.

Born in Taegu in l936, she became interested in traditional hanbok ever since she was young, while watching her mother embroider. l976 she formally started learning about 'hanbok' and in 1980 had the most fashion shows than any other designer in Korea.

Her works show the sweetness and truthfulness in her. She participated in a few "pret-aporter" collections. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar called her the "Colorful designer of Asia". She won praise in the International Tribune and AFP press and was recognized by her October Lee YOUng Hee's 95 spring/summer collection.

Lee Young hee launched her first show in April 1981 at Shilla Hotel and in 1983 was invited to the White House and helped celebrate U.S.'s independence day. In l984 she had a show during the Olympics in Los Angeles and in l988 held a show at New York's Plaza Hotel celbrating the upcoming Seoul Olympics. And in l993 she was the first Korean to participate in the French Pret-a porter collection and has had 7 shows ever since.

In l993 she was given the '93 Korean Designer's Award, '93 Golden Needle Award and in l994 was awarded '94 Korea Fabrics Award and '94 Korean Designer's Award.

Under the title "hanbok-clothing of the wind" she had an exhibition at Luxembourg Orangerie in Paris in l996. Her clothes were displayed under 5 themes, the hanbok of the royal court, hanbok of the commoner, monk dress, wedding hanbok, and shaman dress.

French critics show much interest in the skirts of the hanbok and call it "color of mystique" and "fantasyr".

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