It would be interesting for you to know about the Korean sense of values.
Honestly, relationships within the family are the most highly valued in Korea.
We have very strong bonds within our family. As a result, I think of Korea as one big family.
Though each Korean has a very busy lifestyle, they try to come together and enjoy each other as often as possible. Should I tell you a little about my family's lifestyle?
It would be a great pleasure for me to do so for you.

Family Relationships

Traditionally, Koreans are proud of their good relationship among family members. We think that respect for the elder is the most noble attribute of Korean society. Elderly people give advice to the younger generation, and the younger people submit to the elder's wise advice. Korean families are called a "small society." They feel a strong responsibility about bringing their home as a part of the social educational center. Although the idea of individualism and economic growth brings family division, most Koreans don't forget that the family is the most important group for themselves as well as for the country. There are still many extended Korean families who live with three generations. Many first born sons feel their responsibility of taking care of their parents.