Kim Ki chang suffered typhoid fever when he was 8 years old. Due to the illness he lost his hearing ability and was half mute. At age l6 his mother introduced him to the world of art. His first works were in color but later on he used only black ink.

His works in the 50's relied much on western ways of painting and in the 60's his surrealistic paintings showed much power in its colors. In the 70's he picked up traditional ink painting and finally in the 80's he genuinely started his black ink painting.

He based much of his works on traditional beliefs and put his creativity to full use. He portrayed Korea's spirit and simplicity.

His subjects in folklore and mountainous scenery showed the strenght of both color and black ink. He tried to put them together as one.

"I believe that as you grow old, you should talk to the heavens and return to a child's world. That is what art is all about. I believe this is the sole aim in art."

81.5cm, 63.5cm 1984

This work of Eunbo, shows the surrealistic form of calligraphy rather than a scenic form. By the strokes we can see the control of the inner-self and the power of the outer-self.

68.5cm, 68.5cm 1955

Blue Mountain
82cm, 100cm, 1977

"I'm a creator. Therefore I portray whatever is inside my head. Whether the results are surrealistic or concrete it means the same thing."

Image of a Ghost
135cm, 170cm, 1965

By Eunbo's physical appearance we can see a wild side of him and when this is portrayed in a painting, eunbo will surely feel the Joy of life.

Army of Horses
97cm, 181.5cm 1957

"Because I have been in a silent world for a long time I do believe that I had been able to concentrate on my paintings. If it were not so, things might have been different.

I think that my long term of silence seperated my works from other artists. Anyway, my muteness doesnt grieve me and I have never been saddened by it"

Cat and a Butterfly
53cm, 98.5cm 1964

Mask Dance
98.3cm, 46.2cm, 1955

"When an artist grows older, he should be one with nature."

44.4cm, 37.2cm 1972

Flowers and Birds
44.5cm, 141cm, 1940

a Group
33.3cm, 135cm 1955