Carl Malamud
Secretary-General, Internet 1996 World Exhibition

Transcription by the State Certifying Committee of the Republic of Kazakstan on the occasion of the 1st Seminar on Internet for Central Asia.

It is the large honour for me, to attend the first working seminar in central Asia. To me it is pleasant to see here the people from several countries, which is work on Internet development.

For example, group of physicists is a part of world community, but also is a part of your local community. If you physicist from Georgia, you are a part of physicists community, but you are also a part of local community. Throw a some minutes I shall say about future, about Internet tomorrow and I want to begin from yesterday's day, from real world, because when we consider future it reminds to us the past.

So, we have come to the information century or in industrial century and it influences the infrastructure. If you look up on 1859-th year, then the first world exhibition in England was conducted and there was created the crystal palace, as it was named.

Crystal palace, it was the large building. It also was attractive location for people. The people came in this huge hall with various equipment and machines inside. As a whole, it was as the human certificate, which connects the people, which considered all these new machines and they became known to people. It was the new kind of show for machines and equipment there presented.

The whole series of such exhibitions was promoted during 20 or 30 years, for example in France. You certainly hear about Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower was a part of one from world exhibitions. 1000 - foot iron tower was the most large exhibit. At the same time tower was the pavilion on exhibition. It had the series of scientific tools, as well as first researches in aeronautic area were shown on Eiffel tower, moreover it attracted the tourists and it has become a part of Paris. Now Eiffel tower have in two times more of visitors, than during exhibition.

A lot of similar exhibitions was conducted all over the world. Two from them were very appropriate to our century. Philadelphia in 1896 year had the "hundred years" exhibition, which was devoted to century of USA, and it showed the various achievement.

In the time there was the machine hall by 30 acres area. In this hall was installed two cylinder steam machine, the most large steam machine on this time. On opening day this huge machine hall was full by people, but there was dead silence. The Emperor don Pedro from Brasilia and the President of USA come out on the platform. They was switch on some levers, pairs has become to arrive in this motor and all hall will began to shake.

And suddenly the large metallic legs has become to move and fly-wheel has become to rotate faster and faster, increasing the speed and the energy. And suddenly, unexpectedly 5 miles various belts, wheels and so on began to submit the energy in this hall. Three newspapers were printed in this hall directly. The machines, which were printed wallpaper, the sewing machines, which sewing faster, than people. The people came for purchasing of these machines.

The one more exhibition was The Chicago's Columbian Exposition. There the new energy - electrical one was shown. Thomas Edison worked above it in New York, where the large power station was, it was based on principle of constant current.

There were a lot of young engineers, which was thought, that the constant current principle will not work, because it loses many energy, while is transmitted to the machines. Then the alternative current principle was submitted, and it was not liked to Edison. He was began the campaign against alternative current, said, that it is dangerous. It did not correspond the standards, and he was not liked, when any who invented the new norms and standards in areas of electricity.

But, on not well known reason Westinghouse has signed the contract on organization the electrical network, based on alternative current, on the exhibition in Chicago. He has created the huge electrical network, which was in 10 times more, than those ones with using the constant current, there was 10 thousand electrical candles. This network was includes 200 electrical clocks, which went synchronously. And people there came from all the world. The 28 million person has visited Chicago in 1893 year. And they are discover this new technology for itself. And America too was learned for all, that do the other countries.

Yes, they are relax, amuse himself there. There the first time was submitted "hamburger", because it was necessary something to eat during visiting on this huge exhibition.

A lot of world exhibitions was followed. In 1939 in New-York, for the first time was submits the TV. There president CBS has included the first television chamber. In this time the only 6 or 7 persons has TV sets, but just on exhibition announced, that now we have the system, transmitting and displaying the imagines.

These exhibitions were locations, where the new gears, technologies were shown. Thus engineers have begun to create the networks. Networks of steel wheels, and towers, network of exhibition locations. These networks were the most successful ones. For example, in London, in Haid-park, where the Crystal palace was submitted, the popular location for public has become. It is important, that these exhibitions have declared the approach of industrial century, they were the symbol of new technologies.

Thus, today engineers have begun to create the new networks. Networks of information. Now we are on century of information, on the age of information technologies. And, certainly, here the new exhibitions should exist. Such new exhibition is exist from 1966 and refers to as INTERNET.

Yes, certainly, network INTERNET exists on all the world, not only in one its point, in one location. The official INTERNET exhibition will proceed in beginning of 1996 and will go on all the year. I would like to give some examples, what people do to make ready this exhibition.

What happens in the world, which we want to connect by one network. May be the international press-club proceeding, or festival of arts. We do not want, that this exhibition will the usual fair. We do not want, that will be the total anarchy, its the reason for which the INTERNET technology is used therefore.

The core of this structure exists with the name: "The Central Park". The Central Park consists as the set of recourses contributed by the Official Sponsors of the fair and managed by the Park Network Operating Team. In Central Park are some very large core servers located in key INTERNET global locations, as Tokyo, Amsterdam, Singapore and Washington and many other points of the Earth. The Central Parks will remains constantly and after the exhibition is finished. The productivity of Central park is the thousands Mbyte.

The other concept - so named "The INTERNET Railroad". This is the series of various channels of communication, it is possible to say - high-speed trains, which transport, connect the people of all the world, for example, from Japan the connection will be executed through Pacific Ocean with speed the Millions bit per second in current year. It costs - 10 millions dollars.

The one more new lines ("T - lines") is present, it is the lines with not so huge speed. It is the lines for simple people, which will have the opportunity to be connected throw the INTERNET. These lines will connect their houses, we do not know, what they will do. May be any painters will show the pictures, or any chief-cook will use this line to learn the people to cooking.

Line of INTERNET exhibition stretched from all the Earth globe through the Atlantic Ocean, extend to such regions, as South America, East Europe, Central Asia. It will be one of the first global infrastructures in areas of information.