Delicacies of Horseflesh


For making: 5 kg of kazy, 350 g of salt, 10 g of black ground pepper, a garlic.

For serving the table: 100 g of kazy, 0,25 of an onion, 2 table-spoons of green canned peas.

From the carcass of the slaughtered horse the ribs with flesh are cut off and the blook is let trickle down for 5-7 hours. The guts are washed well and kept in salt water for 1-2 hours. The slightly dried up kazy are cut in strips along the ribs: the broad kazy are cut in narrow strips and the narrow ones -- in broad strips. The interrib tissue should be cut with a sharp knife removing cartilages and without crumbling the fat. Then the meat is salted and peppered, finely cut garlic is added and the meat is wrapped up in a napkin for 2-3 hours.

The kazy are put in guts the ends of which are tied up. After this, kazy can be dried, boiled and smoked.

For making: 5 kh of horse-flesh, 5 kg of suet, 350 g of salt, 10 g of black ground pepper, 50 g of garlic, greens to taste.

The prepared meat is rubbed with salt and kept for 1-2 days in a cool place at the temperature of 3-4°C. Guts are washed and kept for some time in salt water. Meat and fat are cut in small pieces and mixed. Garlic, pepper and salt are added and all this is mixed again. Then the guts are stuffed, its both ends are tied up with a string and they are hung out for 3-4 hours in a cool place.

Shuzhuk is smoked during 12-18 hours over dense smoke at the temperature of 50-60°C, then dried up at 12°C for 2-3 days.

For making one karta: 100 g of karta, salt, green pepper or dill to taste.

The thick part of the rectum is washed without removing fat, then carefully turned inside out so that the fat should be inside, washed once more and tied up on both sides.

Karta can also be dried and smoked.