Proposal for Asia Internet Plaza

As a part of the Internet 1996 World Expo , getting support from Tokyo Internet Co., this project names Asia Internet Plaza opened from April 14th.

The principle of AIP

Asia region often is said as world economy developing center; but on the field of Information service, especially the Internet information service, development is so late. When we work for developing the World Internet industry, as an Asian what we should do first is power-up the Asian Internet.

Purposes of AIP

  1. Set up an Information Search System on the field of Asia Information, supply a kind interface to various Asian cultures. It should be very convenient to the various cultures, histories, languages, thoughts in the Asia Region..
    E.X. We got support from Sri Lanka Embassy in Tokyo, made the National Information section, supplying colorful culture on WWW. We are planning to making the environment can use the local language Sinhala and Tamil on WWW.

  2. Set up an Asia Forum, supplying an discussion place on the topics of our culture, history, society. In the long history of Asia, many misunderstanding and tragedy came from less-communication. Now, since we have the Internet, exciting communication tool, we have the opportunity to make the flat communication among our neighbors. Especially we can communicate in all the ways and levels, not be controlled by some special organizations. Spontaneously communities, citizen conference...: through these various kinds of communication, we can find some new way to understand ourselves and our neighbors.

  3. Helping the developing countries to informationalize their societies. Because the Internet opened a new age of the Information Superhighway, all the countries have same start-line to develop their countries in the new world environment. But, by various domestic reasons some countries cannot enter the new age timely and lose a lot chance to develop. What we can do there is help them to be a member of informationalized world by using our know-how to make some new opportunities and cooperate together. Therefore, people of the Internet or telecommunication specialists, governmential officers or people who just have interests to Asia and Asian countries, please contact us, give us information/your knowledge, and work with us: we are eager to develop Asian culture in the Internet, and make the Asia as one leading region of new informationalized age.

In detail, we are starting and fasting up about 30 developing countries' Internet in Asia region, work with friends from these countries, making their own homepages, datebanks in the Internet World Expo server. We hope whole side of the world--people who have interests to these countries would be enable to get the enough information from homepages and use them as communities, exchange ideas and messages conveniently.

As a part of IWE, as a pilot project of infomationalized age, working with lots associations and friends, AIP are making the new opportunities to us--this is a challenge to the new age.

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