National Tree

A proposal made to declare the Na Tree as the National Tree was adopted by the Cabinet on February 26th, 1986. Socially and culturally we have been closely associated with the Na Tree for centuries. It was chosen as the National Tree for 7 reasons.

(1) It is a tree which originated in Sri Lanka;
(2) Its utility;
(3) Historic and Cultural importance;
(4) Exterior posture;
(5) Wide distribution;
(6) Colour and Nature;
(7) Ability to draw and sketch it easily.

Botanically it is called "Mesua Nagassarium" and in English it is called the Iron Wood tree. An indigenous tree it is also grown in parks because of its majestic beauty. As the English name signifies the tree is very hard and durable. The wood is used in building temples and devales.

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