1. The Golden Land, Myanmar (MYANMAR, English, )
  2. Free Burma(MYANMAR)
  3. Burma Alert Online(MYANMAR)
  4. BurmaWeb(MYANMAR)
  5. World Times-Myanmar(MYANMAR,easy understanding of business hours in Myanmar)
  6. WORLDWIDE appeals(Myanmar)English:Amnesty International's page to help the victims of human rights violations.

  1. Burma: Thursday
  2. Burma Reaction
  3. Burma: Wednesday
  4. Burma Repression
  5. Burma: Tuesday

  6. Revived Burmese Democracy Movement Forges Ahead
  7. AsiaWeek NewsMap
  8. Ma Thida - appeal for release
  9. Foreign Investors Continue to Invest in Burma
  10. Amnesty International Appeal to Action
  11. Economic Freedom in Burma
  12. Democracy Activist Suu Kyi Argues for a Boycott
  13. Pepsi to Sell Burma Plant, Citing Protests
  14. Pepsi plans to withdraw from deal with Burma
  15. The 1996 PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Award goes to Burmese Imprisoned Writer
  16. Myanmar's mysterious boom
  17. The road to Mandalay
  18. Rangoon Jails Satirists
  19. FNV Chairman Opposes Heineken's Myanmar Investment Plans
  20. Burma - Russia Courts Rangoon in E. Asian Sales Push
  21. Is the City Losing Sleep Over Burma?
  22. Burma Library set up in New Delhi
  23. The Independent: Suu Kyi Urges Britons to Boycott Burma
  24. Asia Times: Deconstructing the Yangon Defense Museum
  25. BurmaNet News at Free Burma
  26. Out of Control: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Burma
  27. Burma Will Not Extradite Drug Lord to U.S.
  28. More New Refugees in Payaw Camp
  29. Visit Myanmar Year - If You Can
  30. Statement of the Convention for the Restoration of Democracy in Burma, New Delhi, 4 - 6 January, 1996
  31. AFP: Japan Should Withdraw Aid to Burmese Junta: Soros
  32. Burma Gas Pipeline Rouses Opposition
  33. Burma: BBC Interviews Aung San Suu Kyi on Economic Policies

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