List of ISPs

  1. Jaring (by MIMOS)

In Malaysia there is only 1 ISP, MIMOS (it is a government research institute for micro electronics) and their network is called Jaring. As such MIMOS is supposed to be non profit. However they will be corporatising soon and will then have to show a profit. They have a strong influence in the government and have successfully prevented anyone else from starting an ISP...including the telephone company, Telekom Malaysia. I think Telekom Malaysia is the only telco in this region that cannot be an ISP. Theoretically, TM has the license to operate as an ISP but has been "instructed" to stop. MIMOS meanwhile cannot cope with the high demand for internet access (Internet users in Malaysia have grown from 7000 in June 95, to 25000 at present). Jaring users are dissatisfied with the non-existant customer service from MIMOS.

Come 1st June 1996, Telekom Malaysia will be implementing timed local calls. Simply it means calls will cost 3 sen per minute instead of 13 sen for unlimited time. This caused an outcry from the Malaysian Internet community, saying that this will kill off the Internet in Malaysia. In reply the government said that discounted rates for Internet access would be considered and implemented before 1st June.

Meanwhile, MIMOS started this JASP (Jaring Access Service Provider) thing. Originally the JASP program was meant to take the load off MIMOS who couldn't cope with the new applications and appease the public who were complaining about the difficulty in getting onto the net and clamouring for alternative ISPs. So MIMOS came up with the JASP program to allow other access providers provide dial-up service but only through MIMOS' gateway. Now MIMOS has decided that JASPs will only be allowed to resell leased line Internet access. They want to keep the entire dial-up market as well ! They may also revoke (speculation) the dial-up licence they granted Malaysia On-line last year since the JASPs are complaining about MOL having dial-up customers.

The twist in the tale is that only Jaring customers will be eligible for the discounted Internet dial-up rates. That means MOL users, IBM Global Network and even corporate dial-up users including Telekom's own employees using their own dial-up facilities will not be eligible for the discounted rates. This will virtually guarantee that MIMOS will be the only affordable dial-up provider!!

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