1. ERNET
    (Information Super Highway of India for Academic/Research Use )
  2. Software Technology Parks of India

    (Government of India launched Software Technology Parks scheme to promote software exports from India. STPs offer high speed data communication facilities and full internet connectivity to 100% export oriented organizations , R&D and Educational Institutes which are non profit oragnizations.)
  3. Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL)

    (VSNL is a Government of India Enterprise. It provides dedicated links to commercial and government sector.VSNL recently announced Full Internet connectivity to six different categories of users which include students, professionals, non-commercial, commercial, Software exporters / 100% EOU and e-mail / Internet service providers. Connectivity speeds range from 2400 bps dialup to 128 kbps leased line. )
  4. Some Text Data about ISPs of India

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