Tsuruhiko Kiuchi@Nagano
Living with Comets
"There are hints throughout nature, which must be linked with the universe. But that's only natural. After all, we ourselves are of the stuff of stars...."
Summer 1996

A native of Nagano Prefecture, Tsuruhiko Kiuchi gazes at the stars almost every night in search of comets. Using an original technique, he has discovered four comets in only a few years of searching. Today, in addition to comet-watching, Kiuchi introduces children to the heavens through the Star Classroom. He is also an active speaker on the subject of stars. He wants to share the excitement of star-gazing with others, looking at the earth from space and thinking about living in harmony with nature. These are Kiuchi's own words, which leave one with the feeling that we are all made of the stuff of stars.
Kiuchi's rediscovery of the Swift-Tuttle comet in 1992 had an unexpectedly large influence on his life. The illustration below depicts the comet's orbit in the solar system. The dates indicated are points in Kiuchi's life. On these days, the comet's location (or rather, where it was calculated to be) is indicated. Please click these days to view Kiuchi's relationship with this comet.