Ingo Gunther

Ingo Gunther was born in 1957 in Hanover, Germany.
He studied ethnography and anthropology at Goethe University in Frankfurt and the University of Kassell.
He also later studied under NamJune Paik.
Gunther's work can be seen as a critique of an information-oriented capitalist society.
The materials he uses include Landsat photos of the earth's surface and documentary images and sounds of wars.
Technologies include video, computer, and other transmitting systems.
In the 1989 work "World Processor," he showed, on several dozen globes, various aspects of contemporary life such as the situation of the nuclear powers, the cracks in the ozone layer, the worldwide dissemination of television, and various epidemics rampant in the world.
Since 1993, both in his actions and via broadcast, he has been working on "The Refugee Republic," project, which will comprehensively depict the situations of the tens of millions of refugees and people in exile around the world.

Bruce Osborn

Bruce Osborn was born in Los Angeles in 1950. He studied modern art at the University of the Pacific and photography at the Art Center College of Design. After working for "Phonograph Record Magazine," where he was chief photo editor, he became a freelance photographer, movie cameraman, and art director. He moved to Tokyo in 1980. Photo-series include "I Love Lucy," "Burning Desire," "Oyako," "Biography," and "Flying Objects." His work has been exhibited many times. Books include "Asobikata/Photographs of Tokyo," and "Oyako: Photographs of Japanese Parents and Children." A CD-ROM of "Oyako" will be published in 1996.

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