In a world where the currency of the new/now is often valued more than that of tradition, stability, and legibility, what can Architecture, perhaps the heaviest of all disiplines, do to contend with the fluid currencies of money, politics, aesthetics, technoscience, speed, and above all, the world imagebank which saturates our short-term memory?

THE ANSWER: Make architecture become a currency itself, one capable of changing states fast and with great precision: from SPACE to surface to graphic to light and back again. This is not merely another version of the dissipation of building in the face of the contemporary electronic environment. It is a MERGER between the most repetitive and influential sign systems (logos, icons, directives, aphorisms) and the spatial and symbolic potential of Architecture.

My proposition is to design an architecture that responds to the over-coded landscape of signs by investing it with a graphical nature intent on infiltrating the mind, the city, and the eye. As space can be configured around the human body, it can also shape itself around the contours of other value systems like use, exchange, and symbol, those systems that control our cultural/consumerist actions.

The space for Gallery MA is developed from the Homolosine Interrupted Projection Mapping system. The origin of the word map comes from "sheet", merely a surface to record territories on. The Homolosine Projection depicts the world in a series of sheared ellipses, thus the green surface inside Gallery MA is an "interrupted projection". The surface bends and loops to form a 3 dimensionally smooth yet complex geometry capable of merging with the graphically logized world of visual codes and conventional signs. This is the WORLDSHEET.