7.0 ERASE geographic information on the interrupted projection.

We are left with a "silhouette du mondial" (outline of the world). Fill in with logos and text for a realigned world. Projections of all kinds proliferate, crisscrossing and interrupting, flowing on and canceling out.

7.1 vacuous >disarticulated and groundless

Colonization, annexation, imperialism, expansionism, frontiers, (de)territorialization...think about these strategies in terms of digital and informational technologies. They can be applied to the world of the consumer, the stock market analyst, the CEO, or the PR strategist. Their maps have nothing to do with how many kilometers it is from Lagos to Bombay, or from St. Louis to Osaka. Indeed, the global condition threatens us with a homogenous landscape, where place is meaningless in the face of a radically persistent series of graphic sign systems designed to overcome distance and language barriers. Economic and cultural currencies have been, in recent times, forceful enough to destabilize our perception of the fixed boundaries of cities, nationalities, genders, and local customs. However, this erasing of clearly defined conditions, primarily due to the production of capitalist markets which are increasingly insensitive to place, has given rise to the codes which make our interpretations of the world more graphically and visually acute.


The new visual acumen we must have in order to decipher the complex sign forms of today means a more sophisticated if more volatile consumer of culture is also on the rise. Without the traditional map to guide us, locating oneself in the electronic ether is a new challenge. To navigate in the free floating econoscapes of signifiers and autonomous subjects, a literate and technically facile individual will no doubt continue to emerge and further, it is my argument that architecture will proliferate as an intersecting agent of spatialized fabrics.

7.3 WHITE NOISE: silent noise

The threat of homogeneity is also the threat of the generic. When everything is the same, then the cycles of repetition have created a drone which excludes the chance of difference occurring within the system: the monolithic culture ensues. But, does this lead to a radical boredom, or on the other hand, an overwhelming confusion? A delirium of possibilities? CAN IT BE AN ORGANIZED MATRIX WHERE LIBIDO AND DESIRE ARE CHARTED AGAINST ECONOMIES AND POLITICS WITHIN THE BACKDROP OF THE GRAPHIC?


The sea foam green worldsheet is largely blank in the GALLERYÅEMA scheme. Why? Because all is saturated and imploded. Even nature is extrapolated into a color which is both/neither natural or artificial...nature is invested with an arbitrary value which we must act upon in our search for identity.