3.0 The signform overtakes / occludes the object as referent. The stretchy, logo-ized FABRIC is invented. -worldsheet

The logo or identifying symbol merely becomes a sign, or further, a code in the move from an object based to a graphic based culture. Like DNA or computer codes, the graphic sign-codes may be mapped out and programmed to carry out certain tasks or performances. In the case of the graphic, the task may be that of seduction, or of infinite reproduction. It is possible, then, to imagine how the fluid plasmas of economics, communications, entertainment, etc. collapse onto a single homogeneous worldskin.
The code for printing is the CMYK strip. It is the code that comes before the logo. The code for video projection is the trio of RGB lenses. They together conspire to make the images readable.

3.1 code:encode> language 01.ASCII < binary

a system used for brevity or secrecy of communication, in which arbitrarily chosen words, letters, or symbols are assigned definite meanings. 3. a word, letter, or number, or other symbol used in a code system to represent or IDENTIFY something. -from Random House College Dictionary

3.11 gene.print > dbl helix/ DNA

DNA is a hereditary structure, therefore it is repeatable, potentially clonable, and an encoded index to behavior.

3.12 CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow, black

Modern printing techniques have long used the four color separation process to accurately reproduce the smooth/continuous tones of analog image making (film photography). Each color is printed separately in a process that extrapolates the colored tones of the photo into separate but registered dots of the four colors. Millions of colors may be produced by the microscopic relations between dots.

3.13 RGB: red, green, blue

Video signals are encoded in a digital language such as PAL or NTSC which allows the tape head to read, though not optically, these signals on the tape. The signals are trisected into bands of information that are connected to each color in the projection system. As a kind of visual three color separation, the lenses are focused onto one another so that a clear image is produced.