1.0 The system or matrix of objects constitutes the material production of the world.

In theory, objects have a use-value or an instrumental nature. They are developed out of various existing or potential needs/desires of culture. Despite the utilitarian value of most objects, the possibility exists for any object to signify a status of itself or its user. Exchange-value of an object is determined in the market system of all related objects. Here, the object is a commodity. What follows from this is the symbolic or signform value of the object where performance, need, or utility fall away in the face of another, more superficial iconography of value such as the image or the logo.

1.1 OBJECTS OF DESIRE (in the libidinal economy)

  1. Things: artifacts i.e. handy phones, Super TOTO toilets, portable computers, etc.
  2. Humans: beauty, power, knowledge, money, authority, etc.
  3. Events: baseball, sexual intercourse, shopping, etc.
  4. Images: anything