[Exhibition Themes]

  1. Working with Multimedia
  2. Introducing Joint Experiment on Multimedia
  3. Introducing new Technolgies



[Exhibition Themes]

  1. How Telephone Connects
  2. How a Telephone Set Works
  3. How an Exchange System Works
  4. How a Transmission Line Works



[Exhibition Themes]

  1. History of Telephone Sets
  2. Variety of Network Services
  3. Histories of Pay Phones and Phone Booths
  4. Variety of Telephone Services
  5. Mobile-communications History
  6. Image/Data Communications History



[Exhibition Themes]

  1. Information
  2. Museum Guide
  3. A Chronology of Telegraph and Telephony
  4. Search Engine
  5. Guided Tour



[Exhibition Themes]

  1. Interactive Talk Space
  2. NTT Communication Theater
  3. Telephone Card Gallery

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