With the end of the bubble economy, political bribery and corruption was uncovered. Politicians appeared on news programs, and debates and the putting forward of opinions increased. The statements made in this forum came to have a large influence on political trends. Television is an opportunity for politicians to present themselves in person as well as for people to see the various faces of politicians. Also, with the spread of fax machines at home, viewers became able to offer their own opinions. This trend also resulted in some politicians becoming celebrities due to their unique and persuasive characters. The statements made by younger members of parliament may have led to the boom in new political parties and may even have been a factor in the formation of the Hosokawa administration. The "1955 system" had seen the Liberal Democratic Party as the sole party of government and the opposition forever content to remain in opposition. This system, which had continued for about 40 years since the formation of the Liberal Democratic Party, collapsed together with the collapse of the opposing systems of the post-war world and of the East-West Cold War.