It is commonly said that "Socks and women got stronger after the war." In these postwar days, the heroic actions of women struggling to feed their families, often by peddling, foraging, or a variety of other means, give society a needed push forward. The ranks of telephone operators produce the first women section managers. Wage differentials between men and women vanish, and working environments improve. The year 1951 sees the introduction of an attractive, stylish dark blue two-piece uniform, a design by fashion expert Hanamori Yasuji, later to become editor of 'Kurashi no Techo,' a magazine that will become a standard in the postwar era. The combination of functionality and design typical of Hanamori produce a tighter skirt with a pleasant styling that allows freedom of movement at the switchboard. Presenting the new uniform, Hanamori says "Women who work have all the more right to look beautiful."