Contents of
the ECN WWW Server

The ECN WWW server will be linked to the "NTT Home Page" which also serves to represent Japan.
Configure and operate a WWW server
Study group activities
Hold regular meetings
Announce results of research
Go on US visiting tours (optional)
Study technological issues
Study social and legal issues
Implement commerce on the Internet
On-line shopping
Provide corporate information
Use CALS and EDI
Special MembershipGeneral Membership
Survey cost (1995)1,000,000 yen100,000 yen
Opening a store in the virtual shopping mallFreeCharge (separate charge)
Disk space allowance (WWW server)Up to 10 MBUp to 1 MB
WWW publication and link priorityMedium size button after second pageSmall size button after second page
Effectiveness reportDigest publication and detailed report for one study groupDigest publication
Attending regular meetings5 people1 person
Attending executive meetings1 person-
Study groups1 person per study group1 person per study groupŁą