c. 1960

Sake brewing

In this age of automation and biochemistry, our highest aim a t the Masuda Tokubei Shoten sake distillery is still to value the change of seasons and the personality of good sake.
Japanese culture was fostered on farming and distillation. Sake IS Japanese culture. To drink it requires a kind of resolve.
Sake does not always turn out as one desires. Whether hand-made sake is good or bad in a given situation or whether a sake should be made by hand or not is something for the makers of sake to figure out, while those who drink it had best choose according to their personal taste, as well as their pocketbooks. In addition, we at Masuda Tokubei Shoten would like you to expand your enjoyment of sake, by polishing your sake senses and learning to appreciate sake at ever higher levels.
Knowing about what one likes enhances the enjoyment derived t herein.

Sake distilling Steaming
sake rice
Making sake
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Farmenting Sake Sake-making
Pressing sake
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Illustrations: Nenjiro Inagaki

"Kataezome"on paper Size: 520 mm x 360 mm