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Make Up
Creating a role though make-up

First, wax is applied to the eyebrows and oil is spread on the areas where make-up is to be applied to help the make-up stick.

Oshiroi, or white face cream, is applied as a base. The shade of white depends on the role to be played: young or old, princess or commoner, or any other number of factors

Mehari, or red lines, are added to accent the eyes, and eyebrows are drawn in. The eyebrows are one of the most important aspects of expressing the role to be played. A small amount of lipstick is applied to further express the characteristics of the role.

Make-up is applied not only to create a pretty face, but is also a way for the actor to get into character. It provides a chance for the actor to actually become his role.


Make-up provides an outer expression of the heart.

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