Now you are invived to join our fushigi,
or mysterious tour to the unknown world.
Departure at any time!

All human cultures and technologies derive
from simple questions of "why?" and "how?" toward nature.
Our "FUSHIGI tours" is the first travel agent
in the world ever to serve such fundamental queries of life.
We will accompany you to any place
where exist wonder and discovery,
to the west or the east, to the past or the future,
and into the water, the land, or the air.


Hallelujah! A Japanese New Year
Tsuru-hime, the crane princess, is trying to decide which shrine to visit on New Year's day with her new boyfriend.
Gently escort her.

Wonders of the Holy Night
On Christmas night, there are wonderful presents hidden in the beautiful house waiting to be found. Seven presents have been prepared. Please go and look for them, and have fun.
If you like what you find, it will be your present from Fushigi Tours.
Make sure you have the right present.

Trip around the Wonders
Beer Hall "FUSHIGI-YA"
The Two Great Theatres in Edo and London
The Wondrous World of Mushrooms in a Wood
The Kingdoms of Colors
The "Mysteries of the Body"Exhibition
Holiday for the Body and Soul
The Journey to the Japanesque
KATSURA Imperial Villa
Cool Summer at the Graveyard
Saigyo, Spiritual Journey
"The Legend of the TOKYO SUBWAY"
The Supectacular Edo Fireworks Display
The World of Unknown Toys
The Story of Sento
It's Great! Twenty Tours!!
Following the Salmon Upstream / SAFARI / A Journey with Sir. Darwin on the Beagle / Exploring the Depth with the Spermwhale / HIMALAYAN CLIMBING / MAGICAL SENNINS TOUR / To the South Pole with Scott and Amundsen / Lucy in the World of 3,500,000 Years Ago / Playing in Kircher's Mind / The Eiffel Tower Sightseeing / A Walk Through the Eyetrick Art Museum / Crossing the Continent of Board Games / Cinema Highlights Before the Big Screen / Alice in Photoland / The Small World of Mechanical Dolls / DREAMING AIRPLANES / Spiral Surfing / Sound Tour around TOKYO city / Musical Instruments Around the World / Surf Sounds
It is reguired the Netscape ver.2.0 or higher and Plug-ins,
If you join those tours.


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