Winner of Achievement Award

Mach Girls

A group created for a charity auction event on the Internet in 1995. Past awards include the Bronze Prize by Mach β in Art On The Net sponsored by the Machida Museum of Fine Art. Currently, the four girls harmoniously work on the Internet sharing one server amongst them.

About the Work:
In the Hotel New Grand Junction, the basic operation method is to check into a hotel on the Internet, to click on and encounter various events and links which one finds inside. We have produced this based on an inspiration received from the fact that the Internet is a convergence point where the sources merge into and affect each other like capillary vessels. Also, the information on the Internet is a material for consumption like the air, and is also a trap in which we are most apt to become caught. That is why being manipulated by it is the most uninteresting and detestable thing for us today. With the above thought in mind, (we offer this) wishing well for the journey, the arrival of many customers, and the "hermitage".

Winner's Comments:
Mach is a net personality that only exists in the computer. We thank our computer which has been faithfully serving our inspirations, and the existing home pages.